Monday, October 12, 2009

Altered Halloween Matchboxes hung on Wicked Tree

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Last year I saw some altered matchboxes and decided to make my own in a Halloween Theme. I came up with a fun idea to put some fibers to the top and hang them from my wicked tree. I made several this year all which are different and unique from one another. I love how they open up to reveal a fun saying, memory, or surprise.
I also embellished the tree with silk leaves, by punching a hole in them and hanging them directly onto the tree. I used stayson ink and stamped them with halloween themed stamps.
My Wicked Tree

This is my favorite matchbox. It is a picture of my great great grandmother which used G45 paper, added a hat, used bat stamps, spider stamps and flourish stamps. I stamped the Oct. 31 too...don't forget to decorate the back of your box too!! The spider is stamped with orange acrylic paint and the aura around my great great gma is also done with paint.

This is a picture of me at 5 dressed as a witch. I added the words "trick or treat" and when you open the box it reads, "smell my feet".

This is a picture of my sister's and I when we were little. Tip: if you have a 3X5 photo then reduce size to 40% to fit perfectly on the matchbox.

I used Tim Holtz new antiqued glitter glue on this matchbox.

My daugher made this one and has it hanging with wire rather than fibers. She finished it off with a little knob from the Tim Holtz line.

This is a picture of my daugher when she was a baby and dressed like a busy bee.

This is my Jacob, dressed as a "lil' pumpkin"!

This is my oldest, Jordan, dressed as Darth Maul. Dad painted his face that year--yikes!!

This is my son Michael dressed as a Lazy cute!

Antiqued glitter by Tim Holtz was used here...

And there you have it....Hope you enjoyed my Halloween Matchboxes!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is a paper mache pumpkin that I altered and painted using acrylic paints. I used some of my favorite fall stamps dipping them lightly in paint rather than ink pads to embellish and add texture to the pumpkin.

Using a hot glue gun I secured some antique buttons, lace, ribbon and a tassel around the stem.

Walla...finished altered pumpkin...I made this last year and it is still one of my favorites. It is a very simple and quick project. I think it would be fun to add some jewels too!