Monday, April 20, 2009

Keep Your Face

(sorry the images are not that great, I need to retake many of my photos using my husbands "nice" camera!)
I made this altered art wall hanging from an old photo of one of my grandmother's sisters. I loved how she was sitting on a bench just looking down. As I paper pieced the background using graphics 45 papers I loved how the ladies looked, so sophisticated...and my dear great Aunt was begging to say, "After forty a woman has to choose between losing her figure or her face. My idea is to keep your face, and stay sitting down." (quote from Barbara Cartland). I used a 5X7 canvas board to begin with and my favorite glue medium is modge podge.

I used ink to antique, used stamps to add more texture, cut out her wings and crown, used crystals for detail work, a vintage button, velvet flower, and watered down acrylic paint in "candy bar". I finished her off by adding a black velvet ribbon for hanging.

Twitter House

My Twitter reads, "He's Twittering"....."She's Twitter-Patted"....the bird is singing "Twitter Tweet Tweet"

I found these wooden house blocks, pretty basic, at a store and bought them after Christmas for real cheap. They went into my large pile of "I can do something with that someday" pile. Well, it was time and since I have been inspired to work with one of my favorite paper lines this past week, Graphics 45, I decided it was begging to be covered. I had this great idea to make doors really open and used a European vintage post card photo inside the door. I used two vintage ladies up in the windows and a bird. Now for words...what to put? Well, I was watching Oprah on Friday while doing this project and was inspired....She was talking about "twittering" and I just laughed, loving the name, twitter...which is the language that birds use to talk to each other. It also reminded me of when I was younger and someone had a crush on somebody my mom would always say, "they are twitter-patted". And so here is the house that was Twitter Inspired... To read it you start at the bottom, open the doors and it reads, "He's Twittering"; look up and you see a lovely lady and it reads, "She's twitter-patted" and then in the top window the bird sings, "twitter tweet tweet". Thanks Oprah, for the inspiration, it came at the right time and solved my creative dilema!

Stork with a Vintage Bundle of Babies

Here is a look at my Vintage G45 Baby I need to set up a nursery or what??

Here are more vintage spoolies I made in the baby themed colors, with the g 45 papers. I love the one with the smokey green/blue ribbon. It has just a crystal adorned straight pin in it with two pink beads and a bird charm.

Bundle of Vintage Babies...ready for Delivery!!

I had a white bird on a post, aged it a bit with ink, and tied a beautiful smokey green/blue ribbon around it. I dug through some of my fabrics and found a great hand made doiley that my Aunt gave to me. She said that my grandmother had made it. I then took some multi colored soft yarn and stuffed it. Taking the Graphics 45 baby paper I cut out all the babies and placed them carfully in the folds of the little package. I then glued it on the storks beak---and there you have it, a bundle of babies ready for delivery!

Baby Keepsake Box

A little over a month ago I went to a friends baby shower and was given a little round box as a party favor. I added it to my collection of, "I can do something with this someday", and it's day came to be transformed. Using the same techniques as with the shelf (modge podge and water) I covered the box. Sealed it with modge podge, painted the rim and underneath the lid, added vintage lace with pearl embellishments, glitter, and here is the finished project.

Baby Card

Here is a baby card, I actually made this several months ago...and thought it would make a great addition to my baby display. It is very simple, but elegant. I hand antiqued the letters with ink. As shown here in this card, sometimes less is more.

More Blocks---Baby Themed

So the vintage blocks inspired another idea. Graphics 45 has a line of baby paper I love. Problem is I don't have any least any more (my five kids are all older now). But in that crate of old blocks were some perfectly square newer blocks. I had fun covering these using the same techniques as I did on my shelf. And this was just the first an entire baby line I designed. I hope this doesn't mean I will be getting pregnant....again...or worse yet, becoming a grandmother yet!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vintage Blocks

I had these old blocks in my garage. I made many towers with my little brother, Michael Todd, using these very blocks. I reinvented them to match my shelf, using Graphics 45 papers. I used a fun techinique with these. I sealed the image with crackle medium. When it was dry I took brown acrylic paint and watered it way down....and then gently brushed that watered paint over the top and it colored in between the cracks nicely for a more vintage look.

A Shelf for My Liddle Kiddles...

You know those boxes of cards that you buy over at Costco? They are a nice thick card board, nice and sturdy, and you don't want to throw them away (if you are like me) because it would be a waste of a darn good nice box. So, I have several of those little boxes laying around in the garage. Earlier this week I was inspired. I have been wanting to clear out my laundryroom which is a mess and simplify. Maybe some paint but definately remake the space. The problem is that my laundryroom has become a dumping ground for several items. One thing I wanted to do was have a shelf to display my Liddle Kiddle collection. I have thought of making mini doll house shelving but never have gotten far. So when I saw the box I decided to cover this and make it into a cute little shelf. First I got out one of my favorite paper lines, Graphic 45, they have a great paper line of vintage scrap booking papers. I used several techniques to make the shelf. I found that using my favorite glue (modge podge) is hard on larger projects because the paper tends to bubble if you don't get equal coverage and that can ruin an entire project. The paper is double sided which means it is as thick as card stock. I found that by taking a large pan and filling it with a bit of water and then laying the paper I was using in the pan for just a few seconds did the trick. I then could use a boning tool and almost like wall papering a wall was able to put that paper on effortlessly. Be careful not to tear the paper, if you leave it in the water too long that will surely happen. You just want to barley dampen the paper. I then paper pieced the scenes inside the little shelves. After it was all dry I then sealed it up with matte modge podge so it can be cleaned through the years and will be water resistant. I then finished it off with facing the shelf with black velvet rick rack.

Polish the Dull Side....

I've been BUSY, BUSY, busy....What a week full of creativity. It has been fun sitting down each night (and sneeking a few hours in each afternoon) to work on my multi-media art projects. The down side is that I woke up this morning with a huge sinus infection. So, as I lay most of the day on the couch I decided to update my blog in between spurts of being able to hold my head up!! This happens to me every April (for the past three years) so I know that I am in for quite the week. At any rate I found a great quote recently that I love, "if you can't find the bright side of life, polish the dull side". I have felt lately that I am in a rutt and polishing that dull side for me is to create. Creating little chatzki's (as I like to call them) seems to be therapy to my soul. You should see my art room--it is a nightmare--but I find I am happiest when I am using my creative mind. I also like this quote, "When I die, please get to my craft room before my husband does, and bring a truck!" Not that I am going to die any time soon, but if he knew how much stuff I really do have the you know what might hit the fan!!