Friday, May 8, 2009

Modern Decor mixes with Vintage Altered Art

Here is G45 paper on the back of a wooden block. Embellished with black ribbon.
It warms up my game table in the hallway that connects to Doug's office.

I love these scenes in G45 papers. These are masculine and it is hard to find nice masculine papers. I put them on wood, ribbon wrapped them, inked them up a bit for a more vintage look and added them to my modern decor.

G 45 paper turned to wood blocks for decor.

My vintage tin basket of eggs inspired by G45 papers.

I started by using alcohol ink to add more definition and aged color to a green tin.

I also inked the eggs. Others I tore and paper pieced G45 papers. Added ribbon, lace, flowers, and buttons---some were finished in a crackle glaze and others in glossy glaze.

I am finally downloading some of my latest creations. I was using some of my favorite Graphic 45 papers again to cover and alter easter eggs. I also covered large blocks of wood with G45, crackled, and edged with black ribbon. These make a great statement anywhere in the home. I love the vintage designs mixed with my modern decor.

My husband is an architect and loves cutting edge design. I do too, but sometimes find it stark and steril. So when we decorated our home I used warm colors so it wasn't so cold. It has been a challenge and it is still a work in process. I have recently started to add warmth into the environment using my altered projects.

The Biggest Looser Inspires

I haven't always watched the biggest looser. In fact, at the beginning of the season I only caught a few of the episodes. But as soon as I figured out what was blocking my TiVo from recording the episodes I started catching up to speed. My daughter likes to watch it with me and my oldest son, who is 19, has been sucked in as his girlfriend is a huge fan. It was while watching this weeks episode that I thought, "wow, these people are amazing". I love the camera shots in the beginning that showed them when they first came on the show to now at week 17.

I have been fighting my weight on and off since my fourth child almost 13 years ago. When I got pregnant with number five I was at the largest I had been in my life and during pregnancy adding 30 pounds to that was almost defeating. Last year I lost 40 pounds by cutting back my food intake and trying the be careful with what I put in my mouth. It was a slow road but put me down four sizes. I feel better--but I still have a good 60 pounds to shed to feel terrific. Since the holidays I started eating again. I promised myself "just through the holidays". After the New Year I came up with a new plan--I would give myself until February to begin. And so you see what was supposed to stop in January crept into February, straight into March, onto April and it didn't stop there because it is now May. UGH! I feel like I want to scream! Actually I am screaming as I write this down. Admitting it is the hardest thing for me. You see, I dug out the scale and decided to weigh myself today. I have now gained back 10 of those pounds.

But instead of feeling defeated I am feeling inspired. The main reason is this weeks episode of "The Biggest Looser". Wow, they ran a marathon. That is something I have always thought I would love to do but knew that I could never make it. Seeing them made me feel that I can do anything I put my mind to. I am hoping with this new perspective and the positive motivtion that the Biggest Looser has given me that I can once again begin my weight loss journey. Through this I hope to become, once again, the person I know I am. The person who is currently hiding deep down behind those emotional layers of FAT. Cheers to The Biggest Looser, and here's to the beginning of a new journey.

THANKS American Idol

Those that know me also know that I am not a huge television fan. This may stem from being a mother of five and worrying about what my children will be exposed to on prime time television. For instance when "The Office" first premered my husband immediately became a fan. To our delight we felt that our teenage children would be fine watching. But by the next season things they always do...and what was once clean and fun humor became tainted. Same with "Chuck" and so forth. I feel that American Idol is still SAFE to watch with my kids. This season in particular we have been huge AI fans. Every Tuesday and Wednesday nights we take the remote control away from Doug (Dad) and tell him it is our night. The funny thing is that he has started to enjoy it too! ha ha ha! American Idol to me is amazing because during those two hours or more per week my teenage kids and I have something in common, can laugh together, enjoy time together, and bond together. So here's my big THANKS to American Idol!!