Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Village

I love little village sets.  I have had these for quite some time and always love when it is that time of year to set up some of my villages.  I try to keep the display simple.  For instance, by using books to make some homes up on "hills" makes for a sophisticated but clean look.  I also like to add little surprises in my village.  As you can see there are little ceramic pumpkins that are not in scale, but fit in nicely.  I feel sometimes less is more and the "unexpected" can really make a difference.


  1. ♥нι dear...νιѕιтιиg тнιѕ cυтє вℓσg,ρℓz νιѕιт му cυтє вℓσg тσσσ..нυgz♥

  2. Great to read your blog... love the houses... YOUR BLOG is BEAUTIFUL... you were always great with the matchboxes... Stop by my blog... I am celebrating my BLOGOVERSARY and have a great giveaway that I know you would love!!!!